Morrells EZ Oil


Morrells EZ Oil

Perfect for all interior wooden surfaces – kitchen worktops, doors, windows, skirting, architraves/dado’s etc.

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Morrells EZ Oil

A urethane containing oil based product for use on all interior wooden surfaces – doors, windows, skirting, architraves/dado’s etc.

This product can also be used to hand finish furniture

Formulated to produce a smooth, durable coating applied either as an oil or full lacquer finish. It provides excellent resistance against water and other household liquids.

Drying Time: 6 – 8 hours @ 23oC, 50% RH Recoat Time: 12 – 18 hours

These times are dependant amounts applied, the absorbency of the wooden substrate and application conditions.

Approximately 30 – 60 m2 per 5Lts dependent upon the application method and absorbency and surface quality of the timber being coated.

Morrells recommends the following guidance for use of this product :

The surface of the timber to be coated should be clean dry and free from oils, greases, waxes, silicones, old finishes etc.

“Oiled” Finish:
1-2 coats applied with a soft cloth to give a total coating weight of ~ 80g/m2.

“Lacquer” Finish:
1 -2 coats applied by either roller or brush to give a total coating weight of ~180g/m2.

A light denib with 320 grit or finer, aids adhesion and improves the finish.

Using these products in systems outside these guidelines can lead to immediate and latent problems with the integrity of the finish.

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