Temple Fields Memorial Plaque


  • CNC Carved
  • Prime 20mm thick timber
  • Finished with Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector & Sun Primer Oils
  • CAD drawing sent for confirmation prior to cutting
  • Designed for Temple Fields Natural Cemetery
  • Free treatment oil included



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All our signs are made from hand-picked Prime A Grade timber.

Please choose from either Ash, Beech, Cherry, Maple or Oak to match the tree you have chosen to be planted.


We use Times New Roman font; this classic font is perfect for your memorial plaque.

If you wish to use a different font then please let us know, we are happy to accommodate.

A CAD drawing will be emailed after you placed your order to show exactly how your sign will look.


Ours signs are treated with Rubio Monocoat to give protection from the elements.

  • Ultimate Protection
  • ECO Friendly
  • 0% VOC, does not contain any water or solvents
  • Maintenance with the same product.┬áNo need for sanding!
  • Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Sunprimer included




Refreshing the colour and protection of wood treated with RMC Hybrid Wood Protector is done with the same product, in the original colour. Sanding will not be necessary!


  1. Clean the surface with water. Allow to dry.
  2. Apply the oil. (If you have painted text, especially white, avoid getting oil onto this as this could affect the colour of the paint).
  3. Allow a few minutes to react.
  4. Remove any excessive oil.


Delivery is usually 5-7 working days from confirmation of the image but in busy periods this may be longer. This information will be emailed to you with your CAD drawing.





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Ash, Beech, Cherry, Oak, Maple